Repairing and Altering

Besides making new creations, we at DRESS ME AND YOU can make alterations to the clothes you already have by changing the size and style. We shorten or lengthen suits, shirts, pants, and casual dresses, as well as the waists and hems of skirts, all usually within one week. Our services also include darning damaged clothes, replacing buttons and zippers, and restitching pockets. We also alter and repair curtains. We also have been designing and making uniforms and outfits for many companies and offices.

We at DRESS ME AND YOU take pride that our work is done quickly and professionally. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Men’s Tailoring

Szabóságunk legfőbb profilja a széles választékú ruhakészítés mellett továbbra is az egyedi igényekhez, méretekhez igazodó prémium minőségű férfi ruházatok készítése. Üzletünkben készített férfi ruházatok mindegyike magában hordozza viselője karakterét, és az ehhez kapcsolódó széles anyaghasználatból és apró részletekből fakadó eredetiséget. Vállaljuk esküvői öltönyök, sportzakók, nadrágok és ingek teljeskörű elkészítését, mindezt lelkiismeretes precizitással és odafigyeléssel Buda szívében. Jöjj be hozzánk még ma!

We will come to you!


We recognize that time is valuable.  Some of our customers have asked us to come to them for made-to-measure clothing rather than have them travel to our store. So, as an accommodation to our clientele, we have established a service where we go to them.

Organizing of your wardrobe, size adjustments

It is more convenient for customers to adjust or select their dresses in their home, should they have several pieces.

How it works?

We will travel to your home or place of business in Hungary if several pieces of clothing need to be altered or if someone needs to have a new dress or suit made-to-order.

One of our staff will travel with our entire selection of fabrics and patterns. All details can be decided and measurements taken, and we can bring accessories such as neckware, pocket handkerchiefs, belts, and even jewelry to coordinate your entire appearance. Of course, our styling advice is always available.

For more information, please contact us in complete confidence at  +36 30 573 9873 or +36 70 397 7616 during business hours, 08:00-20:00 weekdays, or email us at

1015. Batthyány utca 27.

+36 70 397 7616